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Welcome to my resource web, items, thoughts and suggestions that I have found over the years that will help you keep your computer running smoothly.

I have gone for the simple text - hyperlink look to save download time and make navigation simple and quick to use. Flashy menus and graphics take time to load and really only add a little to the overall experience, IMHO (In My Humble Opinion).

First, a little background.

It all started back in 1966 when I was working for, what was then, Ma Bell. During some in house testing they thought that I had some potential for the newest thing around, computers. I was sent to IBM school in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and for 6 months studied RPG, COBOL and FORTRAN languages and coding. Shortly after my training Ma Bell went on a prolonged strike and I was young and out of work. At that place in time there were not very many jobs for that type of work and over the next few years I drifted through several jobs. I finally ended up in construction and for the next 20 years ran my own company. During that time I bought some Tandy 2000 computers ($3,000 each!) that had a 10MB hard drive and ran on DOS. I bought a graphics tablet and started doing designing, additions and changes to blueprints that my customers brought to me for homes that they wanted to build. As time went by I kept buying the "latest" operating system, being very excited over Windows 98, and the latest hardware. Construction was my living but computers had my interest and attention. I was one of the first in our area to get on the incredible Internet with a dialup modem of 9600 BAUD. Man, have we come a long way! I moved to Texas in 1998 after having had my fill of swinging a hammer and went to school at night for 2 years, getting my Microsoft Certs, MCP +I, MCSE and my Network+. I taught the MCSE course for awhile at a local college, did some tech editing on Windows 2000 books by Syngress Press and was the manager for an NT division for a large company here in Texas. Over the years I developed a lot of local contacts, building custom computers, setting up networks for local companies and trouble shooting almost everything.

I have seen many articles that will tell you how to get your computer running better, I belong to several lists that do the same, but I have found that with a few simple basic tools and the understanding of them, that you can do what the Pros do by yourself, even if you know nothing about computers. I have made lists of many common items and tried to explain them in layman's terms so that you can use each item with understanding and efficiently. I have also created an Adobe download that you can print out and follow the step by step instructions.

Why Over the years my clients have told me, when it breaks or I have a problem, I know what to do - call James!















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