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I build computers for clients around the Dallas, TX. Metro-plex and of course for myself and friends. Over the years I have tried all sorts of cases and have come to the conclusion that the power supply is more important than the case. I have used cheap cases with 250 watt power supplies, expensive cases with 550 watt power supplies and most everything in between.

 One of my first cases, and still a favorite is the Enlight case. They have been around a long time and make good solid cases with decent power supplies. I still run into many of their older models still going strong and that says a lot for a company.

Another great case is Antec. They have one of the best reputations around. They make cases from the starter level to the gamer and server level. I have been using their cases for years and have not been disappointed. A good solid case with a decent power supply is always a system builders friend.

I have used Ever Case ATX 300Watt cases that I have purchased from Newegg and found them to be an excellent case from low end to mid-range. I haven't used any of their high end cases, but found that the price range and quality are good.

If you are a gamer or looking to build a special system, check these guys out:

To sum up; a decent case with a good power supply is the goal of a system builder. The power supply is actually more important than the case. Unless you are building an eye candy system, or a high end gamer computer, you don't need to spend a ton of money on a case. Look for a case that has easy access to components, good ventilation and either has a good power supply or lacks one so that you can add one separately. Look locally as shipping is usually around $12 to $15 for shipping a case and that adds a lot to you basic price.